Resolution: Urgent Call to Vatican to Listen to Women

Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW)
Second International Conference
Breaking Silence, Breaking Bread: Christ Calls Women to Lead
Ottawa, Canada
July 22 - 24, 2005


With a Sense of Urgency We Call Upon the Holy See to Listen to Women and Affirm our Baptismal Vocation

The following is a resolution passed by WOW at its International Conference in Ottawa, Canada, in 2005

We, women and men from twenty countries around the globe, have gathered for the Second International Ecumenical Conference of Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW). We have discussed primarily the leadership of women in ministry within the Roman Catholic Church. We have explored the notion of priesthood, understood as a plurality of ministries, serving communities of the faithful.

With a sense of urgency, we call upon the Holy See to listen to women and acknowledge and affirm our baptismal vocation. We believe this is necessary for the credibility and the very survival of the Roman Catholic Church.

We welcome the diversity within the ordination movement and honour those women who have already sought ordination as priests.

We reiterate our call for the reinstatement of the permanent deaconate for women.

We call upon the whole People of God - including the Holy See, and all bishops and priests - to recognize the validity of women's vocations to ordination.

July 24, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario