From Germany - Magdalena Bogner - Greetings from President of kfd

Greetings from Magdalena Bogner - President
Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (kfd)

Women's Ordination Worldwide
First International Conference
Dublin 2001

Magdalena Bogner, President of Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (kfd),

Magdalena Bogner, President of Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (kfd),

Greetings from Dusseldorf to the First International WOW Conference Dublin 2001:

The Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (kfd) - the largest community of women in Germany comprising more than 700 000 members - is convinced, together with many other women and men of the fact that women full participate in the complete mission of Jesus and the realization of his evangile. For a long time our organisation has supported the equal participation of women in structures of decision-making as well as in all services and ministries of Church. Consequently it is expressed in the Leitlinien '99, the outlines '99, the latest explanation concerning work of the organisation:

"The Catholic women's organisation of Germany (kfd) supports networks expressing support of the ordination of women in all the common aims".

Therefore we consider to be an important task of the Church to discover the charisma of women and their vocation into a service within church in all spheres of martyria, diakonia and liturgia, so that women entitled by ordination are able to work for the salvation of men and women in our time.

Even today God endows his Church with a large amount of vocation towards a priestly ministry which is necessary for our time. The credibility and future of the Church, however, are endangered more than ever if the church does not realize or even refuse these vocations only because women are concerned.

We are happy about the engagement of WOW aiming at the inclusion of women into a renewed priesthood in the catholic church and we wish the conference in Dublin the reviving and strengthening presence of the divine power so that God's kingdom might grow more and more.

With sisterly greetings from the 
Katholische Frauengemeinschaft Deutschlands (kfd)

Magdalena Bogner
President of the kfd 
June 2001